6 Ways Frameless Glass Powers Your Pool Landscaping Dream


If you get your swimming pool landscaping right, you’ll be booking a ticket for a ‘staycation’ and reading up on fun swimming pool games to play at home rather than packing your suitcase.

A stunning landscaped pool paradise is the ultimate way to chill out with friends and family, so as the warm weather season fades, it’s time to think about the very latest in swimming pool landscaping styles.

Getting your pool landscaping updated now means your plants will be well established when the weather warms up

Some of the very best pool landscaping ideas for include:

  • Lights and fountains: Combine water movement with the latest advances in water-safe LED lighting.
  • Plants: More and more people are putting beautiful plants tantalisingly close or even inside their pool areas to get on board with the natural design trend.
  • True nature: Step up that natural design craze with big, stepped natural rocks incorporating lifelike trickles and streams.
  • Resort-like: Make your pool just like your favourite resort, think straw-roofed huts and palm trees.

First things first: the pool fence

Resort pool landscaping style

Make sure that before your imagination gets carried away with a landscaped pool paradise, it’s all built around the best possible fencing solution. Too many people think ‘pool fence’ and immediately put their great pool in prison, with an unimaginative and ugly steel or aluminium monstrosity.

Don’t do it! Here are the top reasons you should really plan for a frameless glass pool fence when designing your swimming pool landscaping:

1. The look

Swimming Pool Landscaping with glass fence stairs

Quite simply, glass is more attractive than the more traditional steel or aluminium bar fencing, not just for your pool but any outdoor area.

2. The view

Frameless Pool Glass Fence

Whether you’re sitting inside the confines of your frameless pool fence sipping a Martini, or on the outside looking in, what matters most about your swimming pool landscaping is that you can see it!

3. The options

Finally, form has caught up with function in the world of pool fencing.

Glass pool fencing can be totally custom designed and built, seamlessly slotting into your swimming pool landscaping dream – no matter what it is – without compromising on safety.

There are also all sorts of fixing options, stylish glass pool gate hinges and your pool fence can brilliantly complement your solution in the patio or even balcony as well.

4. The ease

Swimming Pool Fence

Many people love the idea of frameless glass fences but are unsure about the required maintenance, especially in comparison to a normal metal fence.

The reality is, keeping it looking great is no more difficult than keeping your house windows clear.

5. The trend

Swimming Pool Glass Fence trends

It’s impossible to have missed your attention that clean, glass solutions are readily embraced by the most modern of interior designers and architects.

So if you install a crisp, minimal, frameless glass solution outside as well, your modern home paradise will be truly up to date.

6. The safety

Swimming Pool Glass Fence safety

The whole idea of that pool fence is to keep those in and around a pool safe, especially children.

But a glass solution is actually much safer, because it’s fully transparent – while the view through a traditional aluminium fence is impeded by those bars.


Convinced? Glass FX design and install beautiful frameless glass pool fencing in Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle.

Talk to us about how your pool fence solution can be beautifully integrated with your swimming pool landscaping dream, no matter what it is.