The 5 Brilliant Benefits Of A Glass Balustrade Balcony


Look around in the most modern and savvy of suburban streets these days, and you might notice a trend: the beautiful glass balcony.

In short, they’re popping up all over the place, and they always look great.

If you have a new build or your beloved balcony needs some maintenance, there are traditional options like stainless steel bars, or the humble wooden balustrade.

Although these types of balustrades can do the job, they simply can’t match all of the advantages of a glass balustrade balcony.

Understanding those advantages will ensure you make the right decision and enjoy your balcony for years to come.

Frameless Glass Balustrade channel fixed with stainless steel top capping overlooking the harbour.
A frameless glass balustrade, channel fixed and with a stainless steel top capping. Showing off the uninterrupted views of the harbour.

1. Contemporary beauty

A glass balustrade balcony is the perfect mix of clean and modern meets beauty – especially when it comes to today’s favourite architectural looks.

But a glass balcony will also compliment the most traditional home as well, striking the ideal balance of new-meets-old with a slick, low-profile and trendy look that will complement rather than clash with any structural style.

2. Views & light

There are a couple of things that really matter to most proud homeowners and interior and exterior designers – the view, and the light. And a glass balustrade balcony makes the most of both.

Got a beautiful view of the countryside, cityscape or beach? Maybe it’s just the pool or garden you want to see in all their glory? See right through it with unimpeded, pristine glass.

And view aside, do you know what else a glass balcony won’t block that traditional balustrades will? Lovely, natural light.

3. Easy maintenance

Got some Spray n Wipe? Well then, you’ve already got pretty much everything you need to keep that glass balcony looking as good as the day it was installed.

So when you’re nipping around the house cleaning windows, give your glass balustrade balcony some similar love and that’s just about all you need to do.

In fact, here’s some tips on cleaning a glass pool fence that also apply to balustrades.

4. Durable and safe

Some may question whether a glass balcony is as safe as something that certainly appears to be more substantial – but they’d be wrong.

Glass FX installs incredibly well designed and fully tested and compliant glass balustrades – and don’t forget that glass is in fact among the most durable materials ever devised, especially when exposed to years of harsh weather conditions.

What’s more, a glass balcony is actually safer than traditional rail balustrades.

That’s because there are no gaps that could endanger pets or kids, and no rails or grip for children to clamber up and over.

5. A cosy spot

A glass balustrade balcony may look better and be safer – but many happy campers will also attest that it’s the best choice for comfort!

In the winter, soak up those few warm rays without worrying about shadows, while at the same time sheltering yourself from the chilly wind – something a traditional balcony also can’t provide.


Nothing beats the sophistication and the uninterrupted views that a frameless glass balustrade provides. Safe, durable, long lasting and easy to clean.

Glass FX are the trusted choice when in the market for the very best frameless glass balustrade in Sydney, ensuring your view, your property’s look, and your family’s safety, comfort and leisure time are all put first.