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High Quality Stair

Glass FX is a leader in high quality frameless glass stair balustrade installations designed to accent your home with the most modern and beautiful balustrade solutions, to enhance space, light, and your view, all whilst ensuring the utmost safety for your family.

When designing a frameless glass stair balustrade we adhere to the strictest of safety regulations and structural requirements whilst still working with the client to help their vision come to life.

Frameless glass stair balustrade Sydney
Frameless Glass Balustrade in a matte black finish installed in North Kellyville NSW

and Bold

Frameless Glass provides a bold and sophisticated design element for your stair balustrades, creating an attractive and secure barrier solution with the advantage of an almost undisturbed view.

Frameless Glass stair balustrades have a distinct modern design and feel, which lends your home a feeling of elegance and sophistication, yet are also completely functional from a safety perspective.

Frameless glass effortlessly opens up your living spaces creating a sense of spaciousness whether it surrounds a balcony, deck or the backyard, and uniquely frameless glass enables you to to maximise the natural light available in your setting.

Refreshing And

When renovating, upgrading to a frameless glass balustrade is a relatively quick and cheap way of refreshing and modernising the sometimes drab and dated design styles of traditional balustrade within your home, for a completely updated look.

When designing a space that requires a sense of luxury and elegance, whilst providing optimal functionality, frameless glass is the perfect solution, and Glass FX Frameless Glass Solutions are the perfect team to design and install your balustrade to the highest quality and technical standards.

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We help you bring your frameless glass stair balustrade needs to life. Wether a straightforward installation or something more out of the ordinary, talk to us to get the job done.    

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